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The democratisation of luxury has led to a more discerning mind-set. Designing a place no-longer about having, but about being.

Reflected through discrete, timeless design and serene ambience, a hidden entrance, only revealed to those ‘in the know’ brings a sense of theatre and mystique. 

A crafted central cabinetry bar made from blackened oak forms the centre piece of the space. More reminiscent of a private residence than an airport lounge, it invites guests to explore a carefully curated range of local produce and creative content. The space creates a confident yet considered narrative and calming environment to start your onward journey. One to catch-up on a good book and night cap or simply your own thoughts.

Less about having, more about being

Opened in Singapore, Dubai and future openings in other key transit hubs.

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In 1976 British Airways heralded a new age of air travel, redefining what it meant to be a part of the ‘jet-set’ by launching their first supersonic flagship aircraft. More than forty years on and with the democratisation of travel in full flight it’s launching the Concorde Bar: A dedicated space bringing exclusivity back to a modern, more discerning ‘first-class’ passenger. One whose ultimate luxury is time itself.

At the time James was Creative Director at London studio, Honour Branding. There he led a project to design a global blueprint, for the British Airway’s Concorde Bar.

Airlines and hotel brands are all about the experience. From check-in to check-out these brands have a myriad of touch-points that are going to make or break the customer journey. The airline lounge is one of those. It’s going to set the tone and when it comes to the ‘First Class’, expectations run high.

But in a world where the very definition of ‘luxury’ is being challenged and its use ubiquitous, we wanted to take a different approach. One where it was less about having and more about being. A place designed for people who’s ultimate luxury, is time itself.

The ultimate luxury, time itself

The lounge plays host to experiential hallmarks including local brands, artists and delicacies, bringing a unique sense of story, identity and place to each and every journey.

Project Scope

Brand Strategy
Brand Design
Brand Identity

Design Direction
Guest Experience

Project Details

Lead Agency
Honour Branding


Creative Director
James Huntly

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