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Design You Feel


This past Perth summer, we had long, hot, luxuriously lazy days in the sun while working with our incredible clients in the midst of London’s winter. It paved the way for a splash of soul searching as we were exploring, doubling down and articulating Abound’s ethos and values, not just in the context of our own brand, but our lived experience as a design studio.

We also see Abound as an eco-system rather than an empire, and this means that our work with our clients is the ‘how’ we bring our ‘why’ to life. We’re not a typical or traditional design agency. We work across disciplines to craft a brand, design you feel across every touchpoint and every opportunity. Our work inspires, enriches, uplifts and challenges us, and by default, the broader world as it is experienced by the end user – people. So, that’s the thinking behind our values - now it’s time for the reveal:

Consciously Crafted

Culturally Curious

Cultivate Connection

Elevate the Everyday

These encompass not only admirable alliteration (see what we did there) but also an overarching philosophy. Sustainability, endurance and quality. Partnership, provenance and growth. Unexpected moments, collectivity and community. Ultimately, we’re guided by an understanding and an awareness of people, place and lifestyle.

While we’ve always held tightly to our core values, the opportunity to articulate them more openly and clearly is one that we’re excited to take forward. Across the months ahead we’re excited to be working with some incredible like-minded clients across Australia, the UK and the US. We can’t wait to work within our values and ethos to help them bring their values to life through design.

If you’d like to talk values and shaping meaningful brands, reach out to us here

There’s a lot of commentary out there about values. Of course, there’s the ubiquitous ‘what’s your why’- you know the one- and sometimes the content around values can feel a bit perfunctory at best, performative at worst. However, there’s no avoiding the fact that in business and in life more broadly, it’s our values and our ethos that guide us. They’re a lens - the lens through which we view the world and craft our responses and reactions to discoveries and provocations. They shape everything from the services we provide through to the clients and projects we work with. When it came to defining our values, clearly and unambiguously, was as important to us as was all the (boring but necessary!) elements of creating a business such as securing domains, confirming governance structures and establishing processes, workflows and systems. That’s to say we did so with purpose and intention.


At our core, we’re a strategic design studio that was born from a love of travel, hospitality and design. Our values and ethos is reflected with the clients we partner with. Likeminded people. Change makers. Experience makers. Hospitality and Travel brands. Lifestyle brands. Our narrative-rich portfolio reflects real world commerciality of brands that redefine the way we live, work and travel within the discipline and principles of incredible design. Our clients’ audiences are typically less defined by demographics but by mindset. Our work encompasses a global, multi-faceted, all-encompassing design philosophy that’s about living and feeling, about lifestyle, not just product or visuals. Bottom line?

We’re forward thinking and believe wholeheartedly in the power of design and creativity to enrich lives and that brands can - and should - bring both commercial and cultural value to the community they live in. That’s our why.

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