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Enter the Muse


At AboundStudio, our commitment to inspiring life-enriching brands, deeply rooted in culture, community, and discovery, is unwavering. Central to our design thinking are the individuals we serve—guests, passengers, customers, people. Without a profound understanding of their needs, we cannot bring our vision to life. Enter the muse.

Recently, we took a retrospective look at The Hoxton project—a testament to rewriting industry rules and prioritising the audience. Earning accolades in the press, The Hoxton project marked the beginning of a transformative journey, as brands worldwide now seek to shake up their sectors. What sets the enduring ones apart? A profound comprehension of people—their motivations, pain points, and a vision to enrich the overall experience. Here's where the muse takes centre stage.


Responses to the muse vary, from minimal effort to spy-level commitment. At Abound, we advocate for building a muse or persona, coupled with a layered end-to-end journey, as the optimal approach. We delve into the daily life of a guest, from morning to night, examining personality, mindset, drivers, and motivations.


Across all touch points—identity, interiors, communications, and service—we apply empathy and meticulous consideration. This holistic approach identifies key moments of differentiation, paving the way for appropriate strategies, solutions, and behaviours. Each touchpoint becomes a narrative element, enhancing the overall journey and reinforcing the brand proposition.


Witnessing positive experiences linked to brands we've worked on is the most rewarding aspect of brand building. Acts of kindness, seamless check-ins, and sustainable amenities are testaments to the impact we've made. In essence, when it comes to the muse, we champion empathically intuitive, yet beautifully meaningful design.

If you're interested in a conversation about how empathetic design could enrich your brand journey, get in touch.

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