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Commerciality meets creativity. Life meets design. The result? A strategic design studio working with change makers and experience makers reshaping our cultural landscape, to enrich the way we live, work and travel.

After years working on both sides of the design equation - agency and client side - James joined forces with his partner in business and in life, Alison, to create a design studio that enabled a collective approach, an eco-system of creative and commercial professionals. The right team, if you will, rather than the only team, where the project directs the team assembly and not the other way around, supported by an operational structure informed by Alison’s extensive experience working with luxury high end lifestyle brands.

We believe that good design is multilayered and multifaceted. It has the power to change the way we live, work and play and as a design studio our philosophy and approach is one that’s aligned to designing a better way. Every day, we work with disruptive, progressive, inspiring brands to bring their inspiration to life. It’s this philosophy, applied across all areas of their lives that led James and Alison to relocate 14,470 kilometres from London to Perth, in beautiful Western Australia.


Long before the relocation we were working remotely with clients across continents. So why not live a life by design? We were inspired by the book, Design Your Life by prolific designer, Vince Frost. This stunning book champions the application of design principles to your life, a process we live, breathe and preach every day to our own clients – only this time we looked to apply it and add value to our own life. 

We’re not alone in the way we do things at Abound - many organisations across sectors have a mode of operandi that is unshackled and is responsive and sensitive to people’s desire to assess what’s truly important to them, where true flexibility is not just lip service, where 9-5 is a song rather than a lifestyle.


Who doesn’t want a happy, healthy hybrid working model that includes phenomenal clients and the beaches of Western Australia, one that harnesses the superpowers of commerciality and design expertise?

Abound Studio works with experience makers across the globe to design living, feeling brands that enrich and inspire. While our clients traverse the travel, hospitality and lifestyle industries, their common thread is one that is connected in culture, community and discovery.

If you’d like to hear more about the Abound story and the people, places and projects on our journey, please reach out - we’d love to meet you!

The opportunity to blend life by design with work that’s meaningful, ground breaking and inspirational, paired with a move across equators was a siren call that was impossible to resist.


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