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More Than
A Logo


A good brand, a brand you can feel, is so much more than a logo. Done well, it will diffuse through an entire organisation with purpose and intention, building something bigger, more meaningful, that stays with people beyond the moment and lives beyond the page.

Design and creativity are a powerful and persuasive force for change, and working with like-minded clients to build - living, feeling brands- is the means by which we’re inspired, enriched, uplifted and challenged in all the right ways. Clearly, this goes far beyond a brand’s logo or fleeting ad campaign – we look to inspire clients to connect the dots between their business ambition and the true value of growing a brand for the long term.

Put simply we believe it’s the difference between branding and marketing, two disparate yet intertwined concepts that are often (mistakenly) interchanged. Or as some might refer to (metaphorically) as the clear value and responsibility of farming versus hunting. Less about the actions taken to get a customer to buy a brand and more about the emotional connection people have when they experience a brand. It is tangible and visual, yet also emotional and psychological which can make it more difficult to articulate. ‘It’s the vibe of it’ as per that infamous courtroom scene in that iconic Aussie film that James, our British founder, hasn’t actually seen.

It’s the carefully crafted articulation of what a brand believes in, its value system and in-turn culture. An unequivocal rally cry that resonates with likeminded customers and future employees. Not to mention a reason to get out of bed every day for those already part of the tribe. It’s strategic, purposeful and intentional, informing how a brand looks, talks and behaves; and it guides the design of every single touchpoint across the customer journey. Once you have this, it becomes one of the mechanisms for a brand to become living and feeling.

It’s why we’re so drawn to the world of hospitality, travel and retail, where journeys transcend time and blend both the digital and the physical. Here lies an abundance of opportunity to bring the brand to life across product, interior, communication and service design. A multi-dimensional design language inviting guests, passengers, customers and employees to live, feel and discover a brand in evocative and often subtle ways.

We’ve had the pleasure collaborating with some truly inspirational brands and partners over the course of our collective careers. Some of our favourite and most recent examples are multi-sensorial. Locke incorporates everything from local third wave coffee to cocktails, artists in residents to local hosts to give visitors an experience that’s unobtrusively unforgettable. Edyn embraces nature, animation, sound, philosophy and ‘soulfest’ an annual festival for employees to come together, find inspiration and celebrate the year gone by - all working towards the organisations mission to create a culture and sanctuary where freethinkers belong.

For others absolutely nailing their brand experience, look no further than skincare brand, Aesop. Their retail and online stores offer a brand you can feel across every touchpoint. From the hand pumps that adorn every store entrance (we can’t get enough of the sweet smelling ‘orange rind balm’) to the design of each store, an ode to place, collaboration and the sensory nature of their formulas.


So too, Lululemon where customers are encouraged to literally live the lifestyle through complementary yoga and running club at each store. And finally, Lune Croissanterie in Melbourne. Housed in an unsuspecting converted warehouse in Fitzroy, the only clue being the perpetual lines out front, you’ll find a multi-sensorial experience like no other. A simple yet dramatic industrial stage set to showcase the craft, the artisan and the croissant. The sweet scent of pastry permeates the space and our senses. The layers of the brand coming together like a thoughtfully curated Parisian fashion show – the catwalk, the lighting and an array of edible artwork. You’ll never look at another croissant the same again.

A good brand, a brand you can feel, extends far beyond the swoosh – you know the one. Done well, it will diffuse through an entire experience with purpose and intention, building something bigger, more meaningful that stays beyond the moment and lives beyond the page.

As we spring back into a world beyond our screens and our own backyards, we look forward to reconnecting with the brands we’ve come to love and share new ones we’ve been working on, yet to launch into the world.

If you’d like to talk more about creating a holistic brand experience and design language, get in touch.

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