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Reliably Different


Designing a blueprint for growth for IHG’s fastest growing upscale brand.

Originally launched as a soft, conversion brand with the ability to layer itself across all layers of the guest journey, voco™ has become a phenomenal growth story since its launch in 2018. AboundStudio were approached to support the global brand team in the translation of the brand across a growing number of new build pipeline opportunities.


It required a sympathetic design approach that offers new build properties the opportunity to translate a familiar yet distinctive design style. Whilst offering each hotel the space to explore revenue driving opportunities and amenities, relevant to their location, and the ability for the brand to grow across a diverse range of property styles and pipeline opportunities.

Delivered as a new build design blueprint, the tool has helped spearhead brand growth, understanding and translation across a growing pipeline of new build properties globally.

Celebrating Individuality.

voco™ has streamlined the development process, with 62 properties open in more than 20 countries across the globe and 74 in the pipeline. It's become IHG's fastest growing upscale brand.

Following the success of the brand blueprint, AboundStudio were approached to inspire the evolution of a suite of commercial growth tools to spearhead conversations, showcase the brand’s vision and proposition, and the growing family of hotels. Likewise, it needed to inspire the people and properties bringing the brand to life across the world to set a new benchmark for the brand.


With an ambition to drive understanding, translation and interest amongst owners, operators and property teams, the tools are vital in attracting new properties into the voco™ portfolio. Supporting pipeline signings by exciting developers and investors about how far the brand has come, where it is heading and inviting them to be a part of inspiring future growth.

Spearheading Growth.

Different for guests, different for owners, and different for the hotel industry.

Extensive brand standards, complex operating procedures and ‘style over substance’ design guides, can make global hotel brands difficult to deliver, costly to convert and slow to roll-out. Moving from paper concept to global brand launch in twelve months, InterContinental Hotels Group launched voco™ – a brand that’s easy to deliver, yet just as hard to forget. Somewhere dependable, but by no means vanilla.


Prior to setting up AboundStudio our Creative Director, James Huntly, was responsible for leading the design and build-out of the voco™ brand and experience in-house at IHG. Commissioning agency partner ForPeople to translate the brand team's vision into a compelling brand narrative and identity, reflected through an upbeat world of vibrant colour and a refreshingly unscripted tone of voice. Collaborating with the highly creative team at ForPeople proved to be the highlight of his time at IHG.


voco™ originates from Latin - meaning ‘to invite’ and ‘call together’, representing the brands thoughtful, unstuffy and charming nature. The brand combines characterful hotels with a name you can trust. The security of a bigger brand, without the vanilla experience. A consistent level of quality, with charming touches guests remember long after checkout.

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Small changes, Big Impact

From it’s inception voco™ was designed to layer and flex sympathetically across softer hotel touch-points – always working with, and to enhance, an existing hotel’s character. It’s meant a refreshingly easy-to-use design kit and palette of accessories, artwork and furnishings that continues to breathe a new lease of life into pipeline properties.

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