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Living the Brand


Crafting abundant lifestyles: Connecting purpose, people, and place with branded residences.

Dive into the AboundStudio approach for creating community narratives.

Imagine living within a brand, not just wearing it. Would a 'Nike' residence mean a "Just Do It" lifestyle? Beyond the shoes and apparel, perhaps yoga studios and run clubs designed to foster community and drive purpose. This is the essence of branded residences – connecting people, place, and lifestyle, while curating a narrative that resonates beyond brick and mortar.

While branded residences may seem a novel concept to some, they have already left indelible marks in advanced property markets, notably the UK and US. Brands such as Six Senses and The Standard Miami are sculpting aspirational lifestyle offerings. These names don't just lend prestige; they promise trust, quality, and a commitment cultivated over decades. They diminish the gamble involved in trusting a lesser-known entity. For the discerning homeowner or resident, it's akin to a quality assurance badge, signaling a safeguard against ill-conceived designs or mediocre features.


However, it's essential to note that not all branded residences tie back to established names. Some developers recognize the profound, long-term value of building and nurturing a brand from the ground up. Their focus? Purpose, provenance, people, and product. With time, this approach cultivates awareness, admiration, and community – elements that amplify the brand's worth beyond mere aesthetics.


Branded residences also underscore a blend of design, service, and amenity, serving as vital conduits to the city or neighbourhood. They offer more than just residences. They offer experiences. Whether it's the whispering presence of concierges ensuring that everything runs seamlessly or amenities that infuse a palpable sense of luxury into daily life, it's about curating an authentic living experience.


At AboundStudio, we pride ourselves on our capability to integrate seamlessly with architects, brands, and developers. Our mission? To layer a narrative that not only complements but also elevates the core brand. We focus on discerning the essence of a place, identifying elements that breathe life into the brand, and then designing experiences that extend the brand's reach and resonance.


For instance, with our London based client Vabel , our collaboration wasn't just about forging an identity but fostering a mindset. We delved deep into their character, unraveled the preferences of their target audience, and transformed their interior design ethos into a compelling brand narrative.


Conversely, Paseo in downtown Austin, Texas, offers a different tale. Positioned amidst a pulsating milieu of art studios, trendy bars, and bustling restaurants, it personifies vibrancy. Yet, Paseo's vision was clear – contribute to the neighbourhood without overshadowing it. This project transformed from merely a branded residence to a destination, each element thoughtfully crafted to echo the ethos and energy of its surroundings.


The magic of the branded residential sector, as we see it, is twofold:


Crafting brands that echo the aspirations of like-minded residents, thus nurturing a sense of community. Just as influential lifestyle or fashion brands amass loyalists, a well-conceived branded residence can turn residents into brand ambassadors.


Designing timeless brands that transcend the immediate sales pitch. When executed with finesse, it assures residents of not just a home but an asset that continually appreciates in value and sentiment.


In essence, at AboundStudio, we don't just craft brands; we sculpt lifestyles, ensuring each branded residence stands as a beacon of authenticity, quality, and community.          

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Image Credit: Billy Bolton, Taran Wilku

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