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Crafting a global design approach to inspire a collection of hotels with a difference, each with their own unique style, character and story to tell.

Launched in August 2021, Vignette Collection, IHG’s first collection brand, is a family of one-off luxury hotels in sought-after urban and resort locations. Each property offers the next generation of luxury and lifestyle travellers a place to indulge in stays that weave responsibility, community and locality together – backed by IHG Hotels and Resorts' trusted reputation.

Supporting the creative and commercial growth of the Vignette Collection, AboundStudio were appointed to develop and deliver a series of global design tools to inspire a future pipeline of properties. The objective was to translate, frame and deliver a flexible interior design approach that could flex across properties, whilst growing a family of one-off hotels, connected by a shared vision.

Diverse by Design


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to Vignette Collection, together the family of hotels are known for their individuality. It required setting a design ethos and principles that could adapt to each property's individual needs. Acting as a lens to consider a hotel’s existing condition, whilst helping shape a cohesive design narrative to deliver a distinctive, high-quality stay.


It meant putting each hotel's identity centre stage, celebrating their unique character, style and story. Weaving the narrative across touch-points and the guest journey. Elevating quality and infusing luxury details in all the right places. So, whether decadent or discrete, serene or spiritual, each hotel meets guests expectations, whilst having a story worth sharing.

Each with a Story to Tell

Home to the comfort seekers and avid entertainers; friends and strangers. The just dating couples and 'winging it' parents. The footy obsessed, 'Norf London' geezers and park-run craft coffee chasers. The Saturday morning market goers and art on the heath (with bubbles) kind of people. The free-wheeling lycra clad cyclists, and music lovers heading home from the Roundhouse after an all nighter. The bootcamp bunnies on the hill at sunrise and the popping to Paris fashionistas. The impromptu pint after work creatives and the always-on influencers. London, a unique blend of characters, from the born and bred to the 'here for a while' never to leave, new found Londoners.

Vignette Collection is designed to appeal to a variety of assets, which required an approach that could apply itself freely to a diverse collection of properties and styles. From iconic heritage landmarks to urban lifestyle destinations, classic leisure resorts to restorative resort escapes, the growing family of properties showcase a unique interpretation of design.


Brought to life with inspiration and examples, design reference and case studies, the project delivers a series of design tools for owners, developers and designers. They’re purposefully designed to guide and inspire, and never prescribe design. Providing freedom within a framework to design and grow a collection of 'one-of-a kind' hotels around the world.

Embracing a Variety of Styles

With 9 hotels open and a growing pipeline of signings across the world, The Vignette Collection enhances IHG’s rapidly expanding portfolio of Luxury & Lifestyle offerings, catering to the needs of both leisure and business travelers.

A huge thank you for all the incredible work. You’ve been so wonderful to work with and we have received brilliant feedback. The work will help us enormously.

– Daniel Linacre. Global Brand Director, Vignette Collection

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