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Paseo Austin TX Photography Jackie Lee

Rhythm Of Rainey

Paseo Multifamily Austin TX Photography Charlie Mckay

Find Your Rhythm


557: New Apartments. One brand-new way of life. Go furnished or start with a blank canvas. Wake up with a gym session or a latté. Explore the nightlife or the wildlife. With everything under one roof in one of Austin’s most iconic locations.

Pasea Rainey Street, Austin TX

Paseo is more than a name; it’s an attitude. Literally meaning ‘leisurely evening walk or stroll’ in Spanish, it captures the brand spirit in its purest form. It’s about taking your time. Stopping to chat, or just looking up to notice your surroundings. It’s about living well and being part of something bigger than yourself. Although simple in its form and sound, it’s inspired a brand that’s alive with movement and possibility.


Inspired by the spirit and personality of the street, the visual and verbal style is open and vivacious with a hearty voice, it invites all to take part and look around. Elegant yet informal, it captures a sense of shape and form, light and texture with playful reveals and comforting details. Colours combine old and new in carefully entwined stories, harnessing natural tones and contrasting combinations to create interest and energy.

Warm Days, Rainey Nights

Paseo will welcome residents and locals in 2025. Expect local partnerships and stories as the project and brand comes to life. 

Paseo Multifamily Rainey Street, Austin TX

You guys are crushing it, you are so good at this. It just makes me so excited.”

– David Kanne. CEO, LV Collective

Paseo Multifamily Austin TX LV Collective

Rainey Street in Austin, Texas. Famously known for its old bungalows, locally-run bars, and pedestrian-friendly streets. The LV Collective, came to us to create a hospitality led, destination brand for their flagship multi-family project at 80 Rainey Street. With an ambition to enrich and preserve everything that makes the street so special and set a new benchmark with a brand in-tune with the neighbourhood, future residents and visitors.


Comprising of 557 residential rental units, with amenities across multiple levels including wellness and fitness, co-working and several food and beverage concepts on the ground floor. The project will preserve and activate the two existing bungalows on the site, blending old and new to create a one-of-a-kind pedestrian and living experience.


The result? A lifestyle brand, that celebrates the spirit of the street, and the rhythm of life, the ‘Rhythm Of Rainey’.  An idea that connects people and place - in equal measure. Open to all, the brand blends the comfort of ‘All In’ residential living, with the feeling of a hotel. Welcome to Paseo.

Life, All In


Paseo Multifamily Rainey Street, Austin TX

Coming 2025

More Than a Place to Sleep

Room keys unlock more than just a space to sleep. Each Locke is unique in its own special way. But whether in London or Edinburgh, Manchester, Dublin or beyond, you’ll recognise a certain Locke take on things to ensure each stay is like no other. We helped shape the brand experience and articulate the brand hallmarks that run through each property – across the spaces, service style and experiential programming.

Go big and go home. Soak up the nightlife and the wildlife. Meet old friends and make new ones. There’s a new way of living, and it’s coming to Rainey. Live, work, play and rest in one place, with your own apartment right in the heart of the action. Find Your Rhythm, on Rainey Street.

Paseo Rainet Street, Austin TX LV Collective
Paseo Rainey Street, Austin TX Photography Charlie McKay

Hazy days and neon nights. Quick coffees and long cocktails. Sunrise swims and weekends on the lake. Find your rhythm on Rainey ~ a place that pulses to a thousand beats and melodies. Live every moment fully, soaking up the colorful vibes. And feed your soul with music, good friends and movement. This is a place that's hard to pin down, but impossible to leave.With a space just for you at its beating heart.

Paseo Multifamily Rainey Street, Austin TX
Paseo Multifamily Rainey Street, Austin TX
Paseo Multifamily Rainey Street, Austin TX
Paseo Multifamily Rainey Street, Austin TX

The brand offers an open invitation to everyone and anyone. A community and experience that blends Austin spirit and global culture, heritage and innovation. Where people of all walks of life come together, where well-being becomes everyday, not an aspiration.


The photographic and written style captures the rhythm of life in and around the property – at times pacey, at other points calmer and more natural. An inviting presence amidst the bustle of a busy street. Reflecting Rainey’s sense of soulful optimism, it’s alive with possibility, evoking shared experiences and inspiring everyday observations.

Rainey In My Soul

Paseo Multifamily Rainey Street, Austin TX Photography Jackie Lee
Paseo Multifamily Rainey Street, Austin TX
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