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Easy-going Stays


Shaping a region-specific design approach to inspire and guide interior design for Garner conversion projects. 

Garner, IHG’s latest midscale conversion brand launched in August 2023, is poised to transform the midscale hotel market. With a promise of "easy-going stays that get you on your way," Garner targets value-driven travellers seeking reliable and relaxed experiences without breaking the bank. This brand is designed to be the go-to choice for guests wanting great value stays at high-quality properties, and for owners seeking higher returns in the midscale segment. IHG envisions Garner becoming a major player, with plans for over 1,000 hotels worldwide in the next two decades.


Supporting the creative and commercial growth of Garner across EMEAA, AboundStudio were appointed to translate, frame and deliver Garner’s global brand DNA into a regional design approach that will leverage the existing Garner Global Brand DNA.

Redefining Midscale Hospitality


Garner is crafted for travellers of all ages who value convenience, a good night’s sleep, and a complimentary hot breakfast. Offering a quality and price point that’s currently unmatched in the market, Garner hotels redefine expectations by focusing on what truly matters to guests. Whether it’s the friendly team, welcoming décor, or the overall ambiance, Garner is all about delivering quality stays at an affordable price.

Garner hotels stand out by embracing character over uniformity. Each property is uniquely designed, ensuring a fresh yet familiar experience. The brand’s design ethos, "Blended Ease," combines practicality with charm. It’s about getting the fundamentals right and layering in charisma – warm textures, adaptable furnishings, and fun elements that make each stay memorable. This approach ensures that whether it’s a light-touch or full refurbishment, each Garner hotel is imbued with its own personality.

Design with Character

Conversions are at the heart of Garner’s design strategy. It means being adaptable and thoughtful in furnishing choices, ensuring comfort while highlighting each property’s unique character. Practical pieces are combined with carefully selected features that bring out the personality of each hotel, creating spaces that are both functional and inviting.

Brought to life with inspiration, examples, design references, and sketches, the project offers a suite of design tools for owners, developers, and designers. These tools are crafted to guide and inspire, rather than dictate, allowing for creative freedom within a structured framework. This approach supports the development and expansion of unique, easy-going stays worldwide.

Function Meets Feeling

With 4 hotels open and fifteen properties in the pipeline, Garner enhances IHG’s rapidly expanding portfolio catering

to the needs of value-driven travellers.


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